About us

Experience the Simplicity: How Floatist Redefines Yacht Operations

Floatist is not just a yacht, fleet and charter management tool; it's a game-changer that unites all your essential information, people, and tools under one roof, revolutionizing the way you run your business.

Our story

At Floatist, we understand the intricate challenges faced by yachting professionals in managing their operations because we've experienced them ourselves first hand. As sailors by heart, and software engineers by trade, we combined our unique skillset to provide you with a comprehensive fleet and charter operations management platform that serves as your right hand, every step of the way.

Our team


Cindy Allis

Co-founder / CEO

Cindy is from the Netherlands, she studied in Amsterdam where she obtained a Masters in Artificial Intelligence.

She started sailing at a young age, and through university she worked as a skipper on sailing yachts, where she experienced many of the inefficiencies in the yacht charter industry first hand.

Besides sailing she is passionate about cycling, hiking and trail running, and when she is not working you will most likely find her in the mountains with her bicycle!

With her skills as software engineer, her 5+ years of experience as a skipper and her vision for Floatist she set out to solve the many challenges yacht charter operators face on a day to day basis.


Albert Yera Gomez

Co-founder / CTO

Albert has a Masters in both Telecommunication and Distributed Systems. He has 10 years of professional experience in Software Development, and he loves solving complex problems and turning them into simple solutions.

He currently lives in The Netherlands together with his wife and daughter, where he likes to spend his time walking in the forest, dancing Lindy Hop and playing padel.

Albert is excited about filling a gap in the market by providing a cutting edge tool that will greatly help and improve the yacht charter industry.


Bartosz Nowotny

Senior backend engineer

Bartosz is born and raised in Poznan, Poland. He is happily married, and the father of 2 cats.

He has over 10 years of professional experience as a software engineer, and has always been driven by solving complex problems.

In his free time Bartosz loves being outdoors and to travel off the beaten path in remote regions of the world, ideally around the ocean, where he loves to scuba and free dive.

Fun fact about Bartosz: he recently got his skipper license and is currently working to further develop his experience and skills as a sailor!


Cesare Marchesan

Sales Manager

Cesare is originally from Italy, but went to school in the UK and currently lives in Portugal with his wife and cat.

With 10+ years in sales, Cesare has worked in the luxury real estate market, and an energy/tech startup just to name a few. He's very excited about what an industry disruptor Floatist is already turning out to be.

Combining a passion for the open ocean and his experience into one, known for his friendly approach and 'outside the box' thinking, he's here to help your charter business make the most of what Floatist has to offer.

When he's not working you'll find Cesare kitesurfing, playing Rugby, and trying new foods.


Antonieta Covo

Customer Success & Onboarding

Born and raised by the sea, Antonieta's first love was the ocean. Originally from the coastal city of Split in Croatia, Antonieta has been working as a professional skipper since 2016, and she has a Master's degree in Geographical Information Systems.

Growing up sailing the Croatian islands aboard her family’s sailing yacht she has a passion for life at sea.

Besides being an avid outdoor lover, in her free time she practices taekwondo, which she has done from a young age.

Based on her experience in the industry, she is convinced Floatist is exactly what every charter company needs.

Thanks to her enthusiasm and strive for excellence, she makes sure new and existing Floatist customers are taken care of in the best possible way!


Ergys Begolli

Frontend Engineer

Ergys was born in Hamburg, originally from, raised and currently located in Tirana, Albania, where he as well obtained a degree in Computer Science.

He is backed with over 6 years of professional experience as a software engineer across a variety of industries. He has always been driven by his high confidence to find solutions to complex challenges and his genuine curiosity and enthusiasm to expand his knowledge.

What Ergys is about apart of coding? From his love for tattoos, football and hip-hop, to his addiction to caps, coffee and dogs. He owns a golden retriever by the name of Reina, which is the loveliest dog ever (because his girlfriend pampered her a lot).