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Meet Cesare

Meet the team: Cesare Marchesan

With 10+ years of experience in sales, Cesare is here to help lift Floatist to the next level. Known for his friendly approach and outside the box thinking, he is ready to help charter businesses take advantage of the opportunity that Floatist brings!

Rebecca Florissi

Rebecca Florissi

October 20, 20231 min read

Meet the team: Cesare Marchesan

Cesare is originally from Italy, but went to school in the UK and currently lives in Portugal with his wife and cat.

With 10+ years in sales, Cesare has worked in the luxury real estate market, and an energy/tech startup just to name a few. He's very excited about what an industry disruptor Floatist is already turning out to be.

Combining a passion for the open ocean and his experience into one, known for his friendly approach and 'outside the box' thinking, he's here to help your charter business make the most of what Floatist has to offer.

When he's not working you'll find Cesare kitesurfing, playing Rugby, and trying new foods.

What made you want to work in the yachting industry?

I've been sailing since I was little, so I'm super excited about the opportunity to work together in an industry that is close to my hear. This has never felt like work, it's a passion.

What do you like most about working at Floatist?

We have a super enthusiastic team, everyone celebrates each others wins! Despite that it's a remote team we are all in close contact all the time.

How do your previous professional experiences in the industry help you in your role at Floatist?

I've been used to problem solving outside the box, Floatist's solutions make it very straight forward to deal with our partners pain points head on but it's always great to find other applications and ways to implement it.

What do you see as the biggest challenge for the coming months?

Managing our diaries! We've got a very busy 'off season’.

What is your favourite feature of Floatist’s product?

The instant updates and sync across devices, it literally means that your whole team are working to the same goal at the same time.

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